Thinking of buying a camper van to escape in? Read this comparison before you decide and save £££'s!

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Campervans are very cool looking and some are even iconic - but not everyone finds out about their inherent limitations until it's too late - having already parted with a small fortune.

This blog offers insights from people who have discovered those more hidden, often overlooked issues for themselves.

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The number one gripe of campervan owners is not having a run-around vehicle at your disposal when your away. This means that each time you want to nip out to the beach or to pick up supplies, you’ll have to break down your entire campsite before you go, then set it up again afterwards.

Many VW owners actually buy & tow Go-Pods behind their campers for this very reason! They sleep & eat in the Go-Pod that's left on-site and end up using their expensive motor camper as a day vehicle. Many of course already had a car that would already have pulled the lightweight (750Kg MTPLM), Go-Pod anyway. 

Go Pods - Camper Van Alternative 2

Obviously campervans are pretty pricey and surely that makes them even more desirable? But wouldn't it be great to spend some of that tied up money on enjoying your trips instead?

What's more, unless the camper is to become your everyday vehicle, (which isn't always very practical), then you'll be hit with the inevitable burden of running an additional vehicle. Tax, insurance, MOT's and servicing - not to mention depreciation.

Go-Pods can often be used with your current vehicle & when you're not using your Pod, it's not costing you anything!

A Go-Pod won't devalue like a camper either, making more, good financial sense. At the top end of the motor camper market, people can unfortunately lose the equivalent to the entire cost of a Go-Pod, in the first year's depreciation, while Go-Pods hold their value very well. 

Go Pods - Camper Van Alternative - The Powells VW : Go-Pod combo

Typically, (due to the robust GRP shell), Go-Pods drop a fraction of their price even after many years, making them a far less risky investment.

Practically speaking, many camper vans actually offer less day to day living space & something that is often overlooked is available standing room with the bed made up. 

Many campervans leave no room for standing, so once the bed is made, you'll be making the coffee on your knees and pulling on your jeans laying down. Not great for the back at all, especially during prolonged camping trips. 

Go-Pods offer a convenient standing area even when the bed is made up. You can cook a meal, make a hot drink & get dressed all while standing comfortably. Even the loo can be used inside - making all the difference to convenience & ease of use.

From a comfort perspective, a camper van’s rock n' roll bed systems can be bumpy, small & not as comfortable as the Go-Pod's totally flat, king size bed platform, complete with it's 10cm foam mattress for a proper nights sleep.

Go Pods - Camper Van Alternative 5 - Rare MK1 Go-Pod fron Iain Walker. www.

Go-Pods are compact, designed to be easily handled, (even solo), and tow with superb ease. They are narrower than many campervans and are designed never to snake or wobble.

You don't even need extension mirrors and will never be stuck in a tight spot. Even if you don't fancy reversing, you can unhitch in moments, spin the Pod on a sixpence and be away in no time at all! Whilst being a true micro-tourer, Go-Pods are nothing at all like towing a regular caravan. They have their own built in brakes and no towing experience is required.

Go Pod - Camper Van Alternative 6 - Camo VW combo

Save money, experience greater comfort, convenience and fun with Go-Pods micro-tourers - the true campervan alternative.