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Caravan Auto Bild Review

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Thanks to Stefan Huy and the guys at Auto Bild Caravan Magazine in Germany for their review and authorisation to post a copy too.

Auto Bild Caravan Magazine Review 2021


Auto Bild Magazine 




From: Stefan Huy 
Subject: Re: Go-Pods
Date: 24 August 2021 at 13:06:21 BST
To: "Go-Pods. Micro Tourer Caravans"
Dear Phill,
Thanks for the email and sorry for the late reply. Of course you are welcome to quote the article with the credit/logo "AUTO BILD Caravan" on your social media pages or on your website.
As you may have noticed, the term “trailer load” in the technical specifications (translated) must be corrected with “drawbar load (unloaded)”. The German version is correct.
All the best
Stefan Huy
Auto Bild Caravan