Gas System Overview

  • Internal gas cupboard -
  • External Gas Locker -

The Go-Pod is plumbed for gas in accordance to European Type Approval requirements.

The gas cylinder is stored in either an internal gas cupboard or an external gas locker, depending on the model & the customer’s preference.

The type of gas used is Campingaz (Butane), and the appropriate regulators are provided. A secure gas bottle holder is also installed with warning signage. No gas bottles are shipped within the Go-Pods.

All gas pipework, fixtures & fittings are in accordance to EU regulations and standards.

Items plumbed for gas are:

  1. A two burner gas hob. Manufactured by Dometic.
  2. Dual fuel blown air heating - optional. Manufactured by Whale.

General specs:

Earth bonded 8mm Copper pipe - 8mm gas tap manifold - 30mb bulk head regulator. Gas drop vents under each appliance & inside of the gas cupboard.

Note: Refrigerators used are either mains electric or 12V compressor types, as per customer choice, without any gas plumbing.

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  • gas bottles I
  • gas bottles II
  • gas bottles III

Gas bottle option - Germany.

Go-Pod Deluxe owners in Germany have fitted 2 x 2.7Kg gas bottles to their front lockers.

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