Referrals & Rewards Programme

If you own a Go-Pod you are invited to join our Rewards Programme.

As you may know, we don’t use dealerships to distribute the Go-Pod but instead, rely on reputation and brand strength. 

Go-Pods are always pre-sold throughout the year due to the kind way that our customers happily spread the word for us. So in recognition, we created the Referral & Rewards Programme to reward this good intention with hard cash, and today the programme boasts over 100 members worldwide.



Via the website’s Viewings tab, new customers can contact registered owners for advice & to request a viewing of their Go-Pod. Then, if they progress to order, we award our members with €50,00 as a ‘thank you’ reward.

It’s a great way to help like-minded people, while sharing your experiences & enthusiasm. We’d very much like you to become a part of this, there’s no obligation & you can withdraw from the programme at any time. 

We provide a discreet email address that diverts to, (and masks), your own private email address and for extra privacy, we only add your approximate location to the online ‘viewing map’.

If someone does want to view your Go-Pod, you’ll receive an email request direct from them and we get a copy too. If it’s convenient for you, you can arrange a time for them to visit. We provide basic viewing guidance and you’re certainly not expected to be a salesperson. 

There’s no pressure and you’ll get to meet some very appreciative & agreeable people.

Thanks for reading and we look forward to hearing from you!

Join Rewards Programme Europe
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