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Our story

The Go-Pod

The Go-Pod has come a long way from its humble origins, starting with the first model produced in our factory back in 2006.


We've made a number of improvements along the way, but the basic concept has remained the same and we're committed to creating the best micro tourer caravan possible.

Cockpit 2.JPG

The beginning

Originally sold as the 'Falcon Cockpit', the first Go-Pods were minimalist in design, aiming to fill an emerging niche in the leisure industry.

In the early 2000's, the European caravan industry seemed to be heading in the same direction as its American counterpart - with large, cumbersome caravans dominating the market.

Realising that there was a significant subsection of customers who saw value in smaller, easier to manage leisure vehicles, we set about creating the first true Micro Tourer caravan, with an emphasis on convenience and being easy to tow.

The result was the Falcon Cockpit. Weighing in at around 540kg, and with an MTPLM of 750kg, the Cockpit was the first true micro tourer that could be towed by most cars.


For around 7 years, the original design remained mostly without change. Sales were slow, but we wholeheartedly believed in our product and knew it was just a matter of time before our concept became mainstream.

In 2013, Go Promotions took over the marketing efforts on behalf of Red Lion Caravan Centre (the sole importer and distributor of Go-Pods, worldwide) and undertook a full scale rebranding, renaming the Cockpit as the "Go-Pod".

There have been a number of changes to the interior along the way, with a slat system introduced (making it easier to convert the seating area into a bed - the previous system used the tabletop), more storage and the addition of solar power, heating systems and 12v compressor refrigerator units.



There are now over 300 Go-Pods sold in the UK each year alone.

Go-Pods have also been exported worldwide, with units in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and South America.

The concept of Micro Tourer caravans has truly entered mainstream consciousness, and this is helping to drive a trend in which customers are now favouring smaller, lightweight leisure vehicles with an emphasis on convenience and ease of use.

We're not sitting still though! Every year, we make a number of improvements to the design while staying true to the core concept of the Go-Pods.

In 2023, we aim to establish partnerships with a number of dealerships across Europe. The goal is to deliver the joy of Go-Pods to as many customers as possible!

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