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The Go-Pod

Heavy on features, light in weight

Go-Pods are the perfect solution for those who want to experience the great outdoors without having the inconvenience of a large caravan.


They offer all of the features of a conventional caravan in a compact, lightweight and easy to tow package. 

Go-Pods are designed with comfort and convenience in mind, featuring stylish interiors, modern appliances, and quality materials for a comfortable, enjoyable experience.


Whether you’re looking for a weekend escape or a longer getaway, the Go-Pod will provide you with the perfect home away from home.

Packed with features

Go-Pods have an extensive range of features that provide creature comforts and all of the utilities that larger caravans offer.

One Piece Shell - Icons.png

One-Piece GRP Shell

Go-Pods are made from a one-piece GRP shell, reducing the chance of seam leaks.

Pop Top - Icons.png

Pop Top Roof

A pop-top roof is located in the kitchen area, which increases the standing height to around 6ft.

Seating _ Bed Area - Icons.png

Seating to Bed Area

Seating / dining area that converts into a king size bed with a 4" thick memory foam mattress.

Garage - Icons.png

Garage Storage

Go-Pods are small enough to store in a normal garage, which can save on expensive storage fees.

Front Box - Icons.png

Front Box Storage

The front box area is perfect for storing gas bottles, saving on valuable space on the inside.

Leisure Battery - Icons.png

12v Leisure Battery

The 12v leisure battery powers the fridge and more, when not connected to mains elecric.

Heating - Icons.png


Go-Pods include on-board heating which allows year-round use, even through cold winters.

Toilet - Icons.png


The portable camping toilet is stored inside one of the lower cupboards.

Fridge - Icons.png


The modern fridge is powered by the 12v leisure battery and is great for storing foods and perishables.

Sink - Icons.png


The sink in the kitchen area provides water via a Truma water pump and works without hookup.

Kitchen - Icons.png

Kitchen Stove - 2 Burner Hob

The Dometic 2 burner hob is perfect for cooking meals on the go with, or without mains electric connection

Plug Socket - Icons.png

Plug Sockets

The plug sockets for your Go-Pod will be country specific, depending on where your order.

Reading Lights - Icons.png

Reading Lights

The cozy reading lights are located by the seating / bed area, allowing for night time reading and ambience.

Solar Panels - Icons.png

Solar Panels

An optional extra, the solar panels can top up the 12v battery. Allowing for off-grid use.

Awnings - Icons.png


There's a wide range of compatible awnings, produced by renowned names such as Kampa.


Pull out pantry rack/shelving next to refrigerator
Full height cupboard under left side sink/hob unit
Medium height cupboard under right side sink/hob unit (perfect for microwave ovens)
Pull out cutlery drawer