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New distributor - Scandinavia!

We are incredibly excited to announce a new distributor in Scandinavia - Go-Pods Norge!

Based in Gjøvik, around 130km North of Oslo, Go-Pod Norge will be the main distributor for the Scandinavian region, covering Norway, Denmark and Sweden.

Their first Go-Pod landed in May 2023 at the port of Drammen, and after collecting they immediately set to work taking images and videos for use in their marketing efforts.

The Go-Pod is incredibly well suited to the Scandinavian market due to the low weight and size, which means that it can be towed by almost any car and is particularly suited to customers with electric vehicles.

Featuring an 85Ah leisure battery and 120W solar panel, the Go-Pod can be used with or without mains electricity connection, making it the perfect small caravan for those who like to holiday 'off-grid'!

There are optional heating systems too, which allow use in any season. Paired with thick polystyrene foam insulation in the wall cavities, the Go-Pod is able to withstand lower temperatures than many caravans and camper vans.

For more information and contact details for Go-Pod Norge, visit their Facebook page or our 'Dealers' map:

Go-Pod Norge Facebook


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